Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zune served up with Happy Meals

The perception of the Zune as being like an eighteen month old iPod might be unfair, but isn't entirely helped when Microsoft ape last year's Apple moves.

For example, just as in 2007 Apple came up with a headline deal which allowed iPod owners to suck music down for free while they were in a Starbucks, Zune owners will be able to download tracks to their Zunes in particpating branches of US McDonalds:

“Wayport is pleased to be working with Microsoft to make it easier for Zune users to access music on the go,” said Dan Lowden, vice president of business development and marketing for Wayport. “Our ability to enable and manage applications and devices over converged networks creates exciting new opportunities for our clients to attract new customers whose digital lifestyle extends beyond their home and office.”

"Their digital lifestyle extends beyond their home and office" meaning "they take their mp3 player to the burger bar."

It's a smart move for Microsoft in terms of reach - it's going to have access to customers in about 10,000 stores - but given that most McDonalds are designed to get customers out as quickly as possible, it's interesting they've signed a deal that would encourage people to buy a small coffee and hang about for hours. It's almost like they're not exactly expecting that many people to take them up on it.