Thursday, October 02, 2008

Natasha Hamilton gets a second chance

H, Natasha Hamilton's alleged gangster honeypot nitespot, has been allowed to reopen on the strict understanding that it installs a metal detector for customers to pass through on their way in.

Because nothing says chi-chi metrosexual sophistication like clattering through the equivalent of an airport checkpoint, does it?

The Echo insists this is a first:

A NIGHTSPOT owned by a former Atomic Kitten star will become the first in the city to have an airport-style metal detector on its door.

Really? Then what was that large beeping thing you used to have to navigate in order to get into the short-lived indie club that took over The State's premises on Dale Street? I'm especially aware of it because one evening - after, admittedly, having over-enjoyed the doubles bar at the Old Post Office - it took me about five goes to get through the bloody thing what with coins, buckles, zippers and so on.


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