Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dig deep, people

James Blunt is prepared to quit music - providing the price is right. He's prepared to quit, if we can scrape together the cash:

"If someone is prepared to pay me enough, I'll stop."

The BBC have already announced plans to turn over cash from this year's Children In Need telethon to Blunt if he just stops; the US Congress is currently discussing if they can find another $700 billion to help out.

More disturbingly, Blunt suggests that not liking him is akin to racism:
"If you don't like my music then listen to someone else.

"It's bizarre that I should attract all this aggression. Any judgment made on that level is a form of prejudice."

Aggression? Eh? People saying you're not very good aren't being aggressive, they're just passing a critical opinion. If you think having someone say 'you make poorly judged singles featuring droning voices and bland lyrics' is aggressive, what the hell were you like when you were in the army?