Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oh, no, good god, no

There was something inevitable about this, given how many other bands have reunited, and how there's not really anything else for them to do: Limp Bizkit are getting back together.

A bunch of paunchy middle-aged men pretending to be teenagers?

Yes, but now they're getting back together.

Fred Durst has confirmed the worst:

"Yes, it has been a while. But a while worth the wait. It is getting very close to time to drop the Bizkit on the universe. I say this with the absolute best intentions and motivation. We, Limp Bizkit, are excited about the future for us and for you. Let's stir some shit up my friends."

Well, yes, the image of someone sticking a spoon into a bucket of poo and vigorously whisking does seem strangely appropriate, Durst. Given that the comeback announcement is worded 'drop the Bizkit on the universe', the mind boggles at what the actual product of this union will be.