Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oasis plan stupidly large gig

Oasis are planning an enormous home-town gig for next Summer - which, I suspect, will come after Gallagher has started to say that the next album will be the one where they get their spark back.

He's not saying where, mind, to the NME's excitement:

Gallagher hinted that the band were set to play the show at an unusual location.

"If I gave you 500 guesses you'd never guess where it would be," he said.

Where do you think Oasis' homecoming show will take place? Where would you like it to take place? Sign in to MyNME and leave a comment in the box below.

It's going to be Old Trafford, isn't it? Not so much unusual as uncomfortable.

Or maybe it isn't. Oh, Noel, you tease us so with your mystery magic games... what a pity I'm going to be washing my hair the night you play...


Anonymous said...

i don't get the monkey thing. am i missing something?

Anonymous said...

its part of an ongoing thing - like copying things out of the sun and then satirising them, Why I keep coming backk here I don't know.

Anonymous said...

bet it's spike island

Unknown said...

Yeah, what is it all about?

Anonymous said...

I used to get annoyed by the "Oh look, aren't moronic tabloids moronic" bits (which are like laughing at the mentally ill) but I just skip past them now. I hang around for the bits that are like The Register but with extra cynicism.

Anonymous said...

i STILL don't get the monkey thing, but have to defend the rest of this blog. i've been reading it for years and as such have never had to pick up a copy of the sun - i've clicked through on simon's links occasionally, but it's clearly a commentary rather than pure news reportage. and what's more it's done very well. i've never heard of most of the bands simon applauds for tours and reunions, but i still read every day. not every post is going to be for everyone.

Laura Brown said...

Whining about a blog that no one forces you to read is silly, but calling a lemur a monkey is unforgivable.

(Oh, and the LEMUR thing is explained here.

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