Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tom needs some help: MySpace music falls over

You know what we - and by 'we' I mean 'Americans' rather than actual 'us' - need at this time of crisis? Music, sweet, sweet, flowing music, soothing our worries and washing away our fears. How lucky the Americans can turn to MySpace Music - not us, we're elsewhere in the world and god forbid you make entertainment available to those who want to be entertained rather than just market segments.

Aah, MySpace music... hold on, though: what's this?

"We are making some minor changes to this section so please bear with us until we can get it back online."

It turns out that 'minor change' the MySpace team are working on is, erm, turning it from being a site that has suffered a catastrophic crash into one that is up and running again.


Anonymous said...

I know someone who works for the page that's linked below.

Apparently, these guys and MySpace Music are launching some sort of mobile, American Idol type of promotion.
Artists will be able to create phone numbers where their fans can call in and listen to music, share it, buy it, etc.
The first artist they have planned this with (she already has a number in the page above) is Christina Milian.
It's going to be all ad-supported and it's supposed to be billed or taglined:

"Who will be the first mobile superstar?"

Also, it will be the largest push MySpace Music has ever done...maybe it's part of the overall plan?
Like those billboards that were scooped and to be put up in LA and NYC?

The number on the page I linked will be on Christina's page in something like 48 hours, with more artists coming...

Anonymous said...

"I know someone who works for..... and it's me, spamming this pointless concept that involves paying for a phonecall to listen to some Myspace guff that you could just as easily do on the web for nowt. No, I know it won't catch on but they pay me a salary so what do I care?"

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

@allie spears
You know someone who works for a webpage? Bloody hell, the economy really has tanked if HTML pages are now relatively wealthy enough to start taking on staff.

It all sounds very exciting, though - and nothing at all like that godawful thing BT did years and years ago where they got people to go into phone boxes and sing bits of Karama Chameleon.

I think the chances of MySpace being broken to promote yet-another-karaoke competition are about as likely as you just being someone who happens to churn out press releases in comments boxes.

You have to wonder what these people think their backstory sounds like, don't you? "I'll say I know someone who works for the company and who has told me in intricate detail all their plans..."

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