Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Phish market

Phish - yes, yes, they're coming back. But this time they're mad as hell and aren't going to take any scalping nonsense:

Phish Tickets has a zero tolerance for scalping and insists that all patrons of our service abide by our policy stated herein. Tickets made available through this site are intended only for fans who are actually planning on attending the shows requested. It is strictly prohibited to resell any tickets obtained through Phish Tickets for more than the purchase price. If you are found to be reselling, trading or brokering tickets that you purchased through our site for profit, Phish Tickets may at its discretion cancel your ticket order and all other pending orders in your name. This cancellation will result in a refund of the total price for the tickets minus a $7.00 per ticket processing fee and any shipping fees that have been incurred with respect to the order. We reserve the right to investigate all orders suspected to be in violation of this policy.

This is so strictly worded, I'd be a little worried at the "only for fans" command there - woe betide you if you've bought a ticket because your girlfriend wants to go and, while you're not fond of the band, you want to keep her company. They'll know, and you won't get in.