Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Britney: Goodness, where do the kids get these ideas?

Britney's kids are obsessed with the idea that there are creatures lurking outside:

The pop star admits she's amazed by Sean Preston and Jayden James' imaginations - but can't get them to go to sleep until she's made sure there are no ghoulies lurking in the garden.
She tells Rolling Stone magazine, "They're obsessed with monsters, and every night we look outside, and we have to show them that there's no monsters out there: 'It's dark outside, but there's nothin' out there.'"

What lively imaginations these kids have - convinced that, just beyond the safety of the home, there lurks rabid forced trying to grab them and do them hard. Where would they even dream up an idea like that?

ContactMusic helpfully illustrates the story with photos of paparazzi swarming around Britney and the kids as they attempted to go out the house.