Monday, November 24, 2008

Fielder-Civil's appeal wanes

Blake Fielder-Civil, off of the Amy Winehouse programme, has had his appeal against the sentence following convictions for assault and perverting the course of justice turned down:

He said he was "not really surprised" at the decision of the Court of Appeal.

But even so, he bravely decided to plough on burning through public money and clogging up the court system to have a crack anyway.

It seems his big idea was to offer 'being married to Amy Winehouse' as a reason for the mercy of the courts:
Giving the ruling of the court, Mr Justice Pitchford said that one of the factors of mitigation put forward was "the unwanted attention the appellant had received while in custody on remand as a consequence of his marriage to the singer Amy Winehouse.

"He sought, and was granted, segregation from the general population of the prison."

But the appeal court ruled that Fielder-Civil had no "justified complaint" about his sentence.

Although the judge hinted he might have given him a few months off if he'd been married to Mel B.