Monday, November 10, 2008

Glitter shocker

More confusion stirred up by Gary Glitter, as The Sun and the Telegraph fly into a panic at the suggestion that children doing GCSE music might listen to Leader Of The Gang.

The sense of absurdity isn't entirely helped by a usually-sensible charity getting involved:

Dr Michele Elliot, director of children's charity Kidscape, has insisted that the papers be re-issued.

She said: "AQA need to get Glitter off there. It sends totally the wrong message to paedophiles' victims."

You might, Michele, want to think twice before calling for anyone to get Glitter off. If Elliott explains exactly why considering the structure of a piece of music sends any sort of message to "paedophiles' victims", the Telegraph doesn't find space for that explanation; nor does Elliot explain if she believes that all existing copies of Glitter's work should be destroyed, nor if anyone convicted of any sexual offence should be prevented from working in any field at all in future. But I'm sure she would have thought these issues through and isn't just throwing her charity's good name behind a silly kneejerk moral panic.