Monday, November 10, 2008

Madonna eventually offers guidance on Proposition 8

Madonna has muttered something about how terrible it is that Proposition 8 - the Mormon-funded ban on gay marriage in California - has passed. Rather than the applause she was expecting, the reaction has been a little cool. Not least, people are wondering why she waited to say anything until after the election, rather than adding her weight to the 'No' campaign before the elections. Like, for example, when she played in San Francisco last Sunday.

E!'s Marc Malkin asked her representatives why she didn't say anything before:

Asked about Madonna's noninvolvement with Prop 8, her rep emailed me, "The one thing I do not have to do is defend Madonna's very very heartfelt and extensive commitment financially, verbally and numerous other ways to gay rights in the course of her career."

Which actually doesn't really answer the question, does it? "She gave some verbal support to the gays in the past so didn't really need to even say anything about it this time"? Seriously?