Monday, November 10, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Strained relations

Even in the happiest of families, there are stresses and strains as everyone tries to rub along together. Perhaps Gordon's understanding of how difficult things are between The Sun and its Sunday sister News of the World that makes him understanding about the difficulty in Peaches Geldof's marriage. Or maybe it's just the joy in kicking down the splashy exclusive from yesterday's News Of The World:

PEACHES GELDOF and MAX DRUMMEY are battling to save their marriage at a secret location in America, The Sun can reveal.

A pal - presumably a different "a pal" from the "a pal" who spoke to the NOTW - tells how the pair, yes, have their difficulties but are fighting, fighting, fighting to at least make it to the 100 day mark.

Meanwhile, Simon Rothstein gets his paws on pictures of Jenny Frost modeling Playboy knickers:
JENNY FROST poses in two more sexy outfits from Playboy’s new lingerie line.

But there’s bad news lads – this is the furthest she’ll go for HUGH HEFNER

There is something curious about Frost's decision to promote Playboy while not embracing Playboy, something that Rothstein hints at, as much as he can in the cookie-cutter 'look - bras' world of Gordon's pages:
The ex-ATOMIC KITTEN star said: “Some of those Playboy magazine shots are beautiful, but I will be keeping my Bunny Bra firmly on!”

It's a pity that the paper doesn't take this further - there's a fascinating question of if flogging a brand which relies on softcore porn while considering that to be somehow beneath you is an entirely comfortable position to be in, and if all you're doing is providing a thin cover of respectability for a business that is really about exploiting women, but Rothstein doesn't seem to have the stomach for it. Pity. They could have run it on page three.