Monday, November 24, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Swearing in

It's possible it's built on intelligence as solid as that which led him to claim Joss Stone was recording Obama's campaign song, but Gordon reckons that Leona Lewis is going to sing at the inauguration:

LEONA LEWIS did well out of a public vote – triumphing in The X Factor in 2006.

Another fella who’s not come out of a recent popularity contest too badly is America’s President-elect BARACK OBAMA.

And it looks like the pair’s paths will cross in spectacular fashion.

See how thoughtful Gordon is, explaining who Barack Obama is in case any of his readers might have missed the election?

Gordon trills about how popular Leona is - although, yesterday, Lefsetz suggested she is "not a star in America". But even an inauguration needs an undercard.

The recharting of the album at number one catches Gordon's eye:
The repackaged version of the chart-topper’s hit album Spirit raced to the top of the album charts here again yesterday.

The double-disc now features the star’s much-loved cover of SNOW PATROL’s hit Run.

Oddly, this somewhat neutral report seems to have lost some of the anger over the padding out of the record in this way that Smart had last week:
Angry fans were yesterday claiming bosses made a U-turn on the download plan to force people to spend more cash on the physical album re-release.

My insider revealed: "If that’s the case, the Leona camp will be furious. Given the choice of a single or double No1, I know what they would have preferred."

Are the fans no longer angry? Was what was a nasty con last week somehow now alright as its finagled a number one?

Suzanne Shaw out of Hear'Say is rebuilding her career, advertising the scratchy take on sexy pants that awkward men will buy for their girlfriends from Asda on Christmas Eve. Gordon has got hold of some of the photos and, oddly, turns in to Lance Percival:
I SAY! Former HEAR'SAY star SUZANNE SHAW looks on song as she launches a Christmas lingerie range – by unwrapping HERSELF.

Meanwhile, Lily Allen has been on a waterslide. Can Gordon and his team come up with a witty headline?
It's a thrilly for Lily