Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trick Trick rejects the pink pound

The one saving grace about chumpheaded homophobe Trick Trick's nasty little rant is that most of the world will be comfortable in never having heard of him:

"I'ma go on the record right now with this. Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album."

It's a safe bet. And not just homosexuals. Fire fighters, cat enthusiasts, people who own bicycles, sous chefs - anyone, in fact, who has the ability to hear it and any degree of discernment is going to not like it.

However, Trick Trick is not actually being aware of the pisspoor nature of his shoddy work; he's just doing some lazy queerbashing:
: "I don’t want your faggot money any goddamn way. I don’t like it [homosexuality]. Carry that shit somewhere else."

The 'carry that shit somewhere else' was actually a shouted instruction to his poop butler, who was moving one of the many festering buckets of human crap that Trick Trick has around his house. Apparently Trick uses them as inspiration for his work. Surely you saw that episode of MTV Cribs?

Trick, though, hasn't finished:
"It's just that every time that you turn on the TV, that sissy shit is on, and they act like it's fucking okay," he said. "The world is changing for the worst when shit like that happens. And I address that issue. I address it hard as hell.

It's not clear why Trick Trick sees homosexuality every time he switches on television, but I'm pretty certain that it must mean somehow probably needs to show him how to use his remote to change the channel on his TV from GayDate Channel.

Still, I'm sure we all feel a pang of sympathy for Trick, watching gay television and getting hard as hell as he addresses it. So hard he bursts out angrily all over, landing himself in his current sticky mess. Trick is now expecting to get a heavy licking in the papers from gay rights activists - and not just in in the press. Trick Trick will be waiting to get licked all over the place by gay men. That, though, will only make him harder.


Anonymous said...

Ha. Your last paragraph is the greatest I've read on XRRF in the last couple of years. Good work!

Peter D said...

You know normally when people come out with homophobia in the press, they usually repent after a stern telling off from their publicist, label etc, and they come out with some tosh that they were taken out of context or something, to be honest though I cant see how Trick Trick (so good they named it twice) can sweep this one away.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

@peter d
I'm picturing a record company PR guy, head in his hands, saying "no, Trick, it won't help if you say 'I meant Jews, I always get those two muddled up'..."

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