Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You're never alone with The Jam

Hey, don't think that Paul Weller can't still stick it to the man, right: he's gotten The Cliffs Pavilion in Southend landed with a sort-of serious warning after lighting up on stage (not often 'Weller', 'light' and 'on-stage' appear together, is it?). The council are livid.

Well, not exactly livid:

"We think the law was breached so we have issued a warning," Steve Ramm, of Southend Borough Council, said.

"We considered the matter but under the terms of our enforcement policy, we have issued the warning to Southend Theatres Limited at this stage.

"If a similar occurrence were to take place in future, we would be likely to take further action."

That 'further action' could very well include, ooh, further warnings under the terms of the enforcement policy. Surely we can expect a song about this on the next Weller solo record?