Monday, January 26, 2009

Bowie: I really really wanna Ziggy-Zig, ah

There is some hope in the original story is sourced to the Daily Star, and thus probably not entirely true, but even so: worrying that David Bowie is apparently thinking of bringing back Ziggy Stardust for Coachella.

Actually, how would he do that anyway? Would he try and squeeze back into his 1970s jumpsuit, or would he do an aged-in-real-time Ziggy? The first would be embarrassing; the second, if done correctly, would be unwatchable. Ziggy in 2009 would surely be occasionally popping up in Bizarre to complain about the way his Christmas Record got ignored by Radio One, and perhaps facing the ignominy of having Phil Jupitus fail to spot him in a Buzzcocks line-up ("... is it number two, Toomuch Angeldust?...")


Anonymous said...

An 'aged in real time' Ziggy would be DEAD! Remember "Five years, that's all we've got", people?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Actually, a ninety minute set of a mouldering skeleton with a flash painted on its skull... that might be worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

I feel duty bound to mention that the track "Special / Blown it" by Mansun, off the mighty "Six" album is all about the later years of a Ziggy character. Well worth a listen.. the idea of Ziggy at a BP garage at 3am is both tragic and wonderful.

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