Monday, January 26, 2009

A bad investment coming from Iceland

Kerry Katona has been rehired by Iceland after "turning her life around". (In other words, after a couple of weeks in which she's not been photographed upside-down in a doorway and a handful of pictures in Reveal of her out jogging.)

I suppose - having stuck with her through the last few years - it would be odd to let her go during a relatively rare period when she's not on the front pages snuffling out an apology for something or other. And it's not like there's any commercial logic to having her and a pretend family pushing frozen gizzards in gravy-style sauce coating in the first place.

Still, Iceland must be delighted to have Kerry fit and healthy to act as a spokesperson for their wonderful range of frozen foods, right? After all, she went to Iceland and got herself in shape, right?

While Kerry admits she allows herself her favourite fatty treats at the weekend, she lives on a diet of Bran Flakes, salad and protein shakes during the week.

She also drinks a pint of water with every meal as well as green tea to speed up her metabolism.

Oh. But perhaps she freezes the Bran Flakes.


Anonymous said...

I must say, their recent run of adverts made for slightly unsettling viewing. They featured Coleen Nolan on her own, in the same serving-up-battered-fish-parts-to-the-family setting, with Katona nowhere to be seen. Presumably Iceland realised how sinister this looked, and rehired Katona before they had to shoot the obligatory episode in which one of the children pauses mid-prawn-ring to ask "Why don't we see auntie Kerry any more?" and Coleen has to explain that we don't talk about auntie Kerry after what happened at Christmas, and to shut up and finish your mini-cheeseburgers.

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