Monday, January 26, 2009

Youth in the mud: SY for Glastonbury

Thurston Moore has dropped a fairly massive hint that Sonic Youth would be available for Glastonbury, should they be asked.

Not entirely sure Michael Eavis will be pleased by his reasons, though:

"I wanna play Glastonbury because it's such a disaster camp and I really enjoy that. The general consensus amongst musicians I know is that it's like walking into the pit of hell, and in some way it really feels like that."

"The only times I've ever been there it's been so incredibly messed up."

"You're lucky to get through any perceptible, decent set at all and then there are these huge roving cameras on stage that are spinning around documenting the disaster. There's something about that I find really charming."

Yes, yes, man, but what about the sponsored phone-charging points and the carefully documented entry scheme?