Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chris Moyles: he's a controversialist

Perhaps the continued presence of Chris Moyles at breakfast on Radio One is as some sort of poison pill to discourage anyone from trying to take over the network as a commercial offering.

After all, who would want to deal with the disciplinary problems unless they had to?

The funny thing is, for all the fuss over his "Auschwitz joke", it wasn't actually that offensive - it wasn't a joke about Auschwitz, it was more a poke at celebrities on Who Do You Think You Are trying to add gravitas to their image through the suffering of their forebears.

The Will Young "gag", on the other hand, was dodgy:

He also joked about Will, celebrating the singer's birthday by singing to the tune of his song Evergreen in a camp voice. He warbled: "It's my birthday, gonna wear my new dress tonight."

Ha ha, gay men are funny.

One observation: while the UK press has focused on the Auschwitz joke, what actually upset the public?
A spokeswoman for the BBC said no complaints had been received about the Auschwitz joke but there had been five complaints about the gag cracked at pop star Will's expense.

Perhaps Moyles' audience is more sophisticated than writers for the Daily Telegraph.