Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lily Allen and gay friends

The Telegraph has sucked the guts out of the Lily Allen Gay Times interview from which Gordon sourced the twins story for Bizarre. As with most straight acts who get a GT slot, Allen is quick to clumsily stress how gay-friendly she is:

"I just feel you have no right to hate anyone because of how they're born.

"I think if you're a human being with a heart in your chest, you're the same as everyone else.

"I've grown up around gay people, black people, adulterers, drug addicts, and I don't treat anyone differently."

Did she just suggest that being gay or black is no different to cheating on your wife or having a crack problem?

One gay man she does treat differently is Perez Hilton:
"I find him quite annoying," she said, adding: "As a gay man you should be championing young girls that are going out there and doing their own thing and not slamming them for owning their sexuality ..."

Surely, Lily, that Hilton should not be an arse ought to have nothing to do with his sexuality?

The Telegraph also crams in bits from Allen's interview with chum George Lamb on 6Music and a chat she had on Absolute, which was called Virgin when people listened to it. Boy, Allen is going round giving memorable quotes all over the place - you'd have to be pretty duff to, say, get a front page feature with Allen and not pick up some free press coverage, right?

Oh... sorry, NME, didn't see you there.