Friday, January 09, 2009

Darkness at 3AM: Something's fishy

Sorry... did 3AM just say

Madonna to hit the fish in an attempt to beat age

Yes, yes, they did:
We're told: "It means she got a more cardiointensive gym regime and a diet overhaul. And she'll be eating more salmon as it's got age-defying properties. Her aim is to knock 12 years off."

And how do 3AM react to this palpable fish toss?
Makes us tired just thinking about it...

Now, nobody expects the 3AM team to have much interesting to say, but "ooh, that sounds tiring" as a response to a claim that Madonna is going to make herself younger by eating "age-defying" salmon? I know Ben Goldacre isn't a 3AM team member, but surely even they must spot that having a bit of salmon doesn't suddenly make you younger? Surely? It's like until the thing got to the subs nobody at the Mirror had even noticed the fish bit.

[Small Fish Balls from Flickr]