Thursday, January 29, 2009

How many years must a mountain exist - and how much are these baked beans?

I suppose, at least, it's an advert for the Co-Op rather than, say, Shell, but even so: Blowin' In The Wind being used in advert? Even for the Co-Op?

A spokesman for Sony, Columbia's parent company, said: "He has a career based on surprising people, on people not being able to second-guess him. He continues to embrace change and embrace change in music."

It's interesting that it's the record label which is trying to spin this as somehow being contrarian and "surprising", rather than someone who cares about music and, you know, standing for something. Since when did 'adopting the attitude that everything is for sale and every man has a price' embracing "change in music"?

We can only hope they bring those animated sheep who confusingly used to advertise the shops a couple of years back to lip-sync the words. If you're going to debase, debase completely.

[Thanks to Emma DB for the story]