Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lady GaGa: Don't tell people what I've stolen

Michael M emails us having read Lady GaGa's piece in Grazia:

She comes out with some priceless stuff about how she makes everyone who works on her outfits sign an NDA so they can't copy her style, then goes on to enumerate all the fashion designers she's copied to create her unique look.

She's a pop star, and I don't expect intellectual rigour from her but a journalist who just copies all that guff down without saying 'hang on a minute - you just said...: isn't a journalist at all. They're just a typist.


And also: a non-disclosure agreement to cover your skirt? Isn't that taking yourself - and your position as some sort of style leader - just a little too seriously? It's not like you're inventing a cure for something - or even putting together Debenhams's summer collection. It's an outfit for singing pop songs in. And everyone knows it'll be raunchy in a kooky way anyway.