Tuesday, February 10, 2009

... but it's not just MTV News

Who's really suffering in this story? Kanye West, it turns out, at least according to Kanye:

"I was completely devastated by the concept of what I heard," he told Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show today.

By the concept?
West said "I was completely devastated during [my Grammy] performance."

Nobody knows how Kanye suffers.
“All I want to say is, it's so devastating. Just as a person, I don't care how famous she is or even if she just worked at McDonald's ... it should never come to that place," West said.

You know, even if you're some lowly sod working at McDonalds, even people like that, they don't deserve to be treated that way.

Staff at McDonalds are due to meet tomorrow to decide if they should be flattered that Kanye wants them protected from domestic violence, or offended that he's decided they're the polar opposite of being rich and successful.

Still, it's great to see Kanye offering Rihanna support in the only way he can: by talking about what a terrible time it's been for him, and trying to feed the news cycle with a little more attention for the story.