Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Daily Mail has confused us

The Mail has some condescending fun with photos of Rod Stewart kissing a woman in the street:

Do ya think I'm sexy, Rod? Rocker Stewart kisses OAP fan in the street

Rod Stewart proved he still got what it takes to make a lady swoon - even if it is an OAP.

The rocker left one senior fan reeling yesterday after he planted a kiss on her lips as he left a Starbucks cafe in Bel Air.

The bespectacled woman was the envy of the street after the ever-charming 64-year-old weaved his magic.

Stewart was out with his 21-year-old daughter Ruby, who was left rather amused by her father's lady-killing antics.

So his daughter had a bit of a chortle at the thought of Rod kissing a (not actually that much older) lady, right? All good, clean, innocent fun.

Apart from the woman being thrust into the Mail simply because she happened to be kissed by Stewart, with no indication any attempt was made to ask if she minded being publicly made the butt of a Mail piece snickering at the idea of - heavens - someone kissing an older woman.

Now, maybe I'm getting confused, but when Jonathan Ross made a joke about having a dalliance with an older woman - an unnamed woman, until the tabloids invaded her privacy - wasn't that somehow taking advantage of her? Or is it only bad if you, erm, don't know who the person is?