Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Doherty pays taxi bill with blood

Steve McDonald would never have let him get away with this: Rather than pay the £1,800 outstanding bill for taxis, Pete Doherty has got the company to take the proceeds from one of his blood-oh-my-god-mother-blood doodles:

Marlborough cab firm owner Justin Cook is selling 45 signed copies of what Doherty says is the "best painting" he has ever drawn.

Apparently, they're going to split the cash 50/50, which means they're going to have to try and get eighty quid for each one if the cab company is going to make their money up.

Doherty has offered to have a nosebleed onto a Kleenex by way of a tip for the driver.


Anonymous said...

£1,800 may sound a lot for taxis, until you realise it actually breaks down as £10 for the fare and £1,790 for the pine-tree air fresheners needed afterwards.

Olive said...

I thought Doherty travelled everywhere by erratically driven jaguar?

The car, not the big cat. That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure. Are you saying that he rides about on a jaguar or that he has a jaguar chauffeur or, and this is obviously my personal favourite, he is being driven around by jaguar-drawn carriage? We have to be accurate about these things. I don't want the hilarious image of Doherty and a big cat in my head ruined by factual inaccuracies.

Olive said...

@anonymous. The first one. Kind of. His chosen conveyance is to be dragged around town, pipe cleaner legs flailing, with his arms desperately wrapped around the neck of an enraged panthera onca. Tried to take it into the Hawley Arms once. Big mistake. Spilled pints and stupid Hofmeister Bear hats all over the shop.

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