Sunday, February 01, 2009

Woot-ton: Dan reviews U2

Why on earth would Dan Wooton get the first exclusive review of the new U2 album? If the idea was to try and get the softest start for the album you possibly could imagine, it's been a total success:

Magnificent will end up a No1 hit and yet another trademark U2 stadium anthem.

Wooton does come close to criticising, though:
Overall, the band have made an effort to tone down their usual big rock sound for something a little bit more bluesy.

But there are still loads of great moments — like THE EDGE’s cracking guitar.

"The album's got a blues feel to it - but don't worry, there are still some good bits."
But for me, the most upbeat (and brilliant) pop moment is the danceable I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight. Bono has decided to write in the third person for the first time on this disc, not out until March.

So on the closing ballad Cedars Of Lebanon, the frontman imagines he’s a war reporter. It’s stirring stuff and a great way to end a great comeback album.

If Bono is imagining he's a war reporter and singing from that perspective, that's the first person, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

"We don’t think it sounds like anything anyone else has done either"

Ok, so obviously I haven't heard it yet so I could be completely wrong but quite honestly has Bono now completely and utterly lost it? Does he honestly believe that his music is somehow original? I'll forgive the "reviewer" for his "review" but Bono surely has to have some level of self-criticism?

Anonymous said...

do you think he really heard it?
there's nothing in that 'review' that was not revealed by the band themselves in last month's Q interviews

Anonymous said...

er, quite a few of these one listen type reviews are out already for the u2 disc - this dude was hardly the first to hear it ... if he in fact even heard it!

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