Friday, March 27, 2009

Courtney Love: Life, sadly, outpaces our ability to make up stuff

Before heading out for a spot of tea, I made a joke about how Courtney Love's blogging was probably a good argument for musicians to have Twitter ghostwriters.

If I'd waited, I'd actually have had a better punchline, provided by Courtney Love. Having been left alone to do her own Twittering, she's managed to get herself in hot legal trouble:

Fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir, aka Boudoir Queen, is suing Love for libel and breach of contract. Simorangkir claims that Love never paid her for work she had completed, and accuses her of making "menacing and disturbing" statements about her online.

The suit alleges that Love called the designer several names on her Twitter and MySpace pages, including a "nasty lying hosebag thief", and accused her of being a drug addict and a prostitute, reports the Associated Press.

Okay, maybe not a ghost writer. But surely someone could offer to subedit Courtney - and cast an eye over the legals?


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