Sunday, March 15, 2009

George Sampson torpedoes what's left of his career

It's probably not fair to be too hard on a fifteen year-old, but you might think that George Sampson might have counted to ten before moaning about Simon Cowell's "management" of his "career" to the Sunday People:

The cheeky teenager told me he has no contact with the showbiz mogul, 49, adding: "I don't know how Simon is because I never see him or hear from him.

"He is supposed to be my manager but he is never around.

"If he's not in America doing American Idol, he is doing The X Factor and if he's not doing that then he is in bl***y Barbados."

Wise to censor the word "bloody", lest it offends any under-sixteen year-olds. Apart from the under-sixteen year-old who said it.

George seems not to have concluded that, just perhaps, Cowell might have concluded that 'bloke who does some dancing whose cute-value is being eroded by the onward march of puberty' is a proposition whose time has passed and bitching in the Sunday prints might not be the best way to reopen negotiations about securing future work.


Anonymous said...

Who are you, simon h b ?!

The article about the multitalented George Sampson was just plain mean, stupid and a slander.

Do you know anything about him, except that you envy him, obviously.

Haven't you got a life to live... something creative to do when you're awake. Or perhaps you're sleeping 24/7...

Your article show clear signs of lack of awareness...

Anonymous said...

Blast. I re-read the original post four times with excitement before realising you'd described George Sampson as 'multitalented' and not 'mutilated'.

Mikael Sjögren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not sure if this is the "hate-George-Sampson-society", but it sure seems so.

In what way should this extremely promising futuristic super star be "mutilated", a word in fact describing everything about you and your problems, and nothing about George - not anything, zero, zilch. You just seems to be a crippled soul, poor bastard.

But keep on being jealous, envy, hateful and the lot... that will just have nothing to do with reality,... other than yours, and that seems to be a very sad story.

I personally know what star qualities this unique person have, so...

- I'm sending you my condolences, poor person!

Anonymous said...

Futuristic super star? Wow, does George have a rocket pack? Or special gills so he can breathe underwater. Maybe he IS more exciting than we thought.

Anonymous said...

"In what way should this extremely promising futuristic super star be 'mutilated'"

If you're offering, maybe some sort of lawn-mower mishap? Unless it has to be futuristic, in which case you could maybe do something with robots. Good ones, mind. Not those crap ones that can only make cars.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now we all know where the anti-George-people have gone... you're gathering here, you two sad personalities.

Nice, then we know were all bitter, envy people are.

This kid is just 15, and if you missed it, he's got talents (not just one).

Get back to me in a couple of years from now and say what you are saying right now without being ashamed and embarrased by your smirky attitudes. But perhaps this is the site for men with girl problems, the obvious envy against George smells that long way!

Anonymous said...

We've got problems? You're the one offering to mutilate 15 year-old boys! That's just wrong.

Anonymous said...

The arguments you're giving is getting weirder and weirder.

So you mean that if a very talented youngster "has got it", it's about "mutilating" supporting that youngster, seing realities ???

But have you any interest in seing realities, other than your own ???

What age should the person have in your oppinion to be able to develop his/her skills, and be accepted by you as a real talent ?!
30? 40?

This youngster has got so much abilities at just 15 that his future looks very bright indeed !

Do you know that young persons have got real talents out there? I've been coaching quite some myself, as a football coach. Does the fact that young people have got real talents disturb your life ?

And... you are contradicting yourself:
now it suddenly sounds that you are trying to defend this real talent, in stark contrast to your mean article. You are judging him on a remark made by him in an article, and not by his abilities. You are mixing things up, big time here.

- Who are you, man ?!
- Whats your agenda ???

Anonymous said...

You're a football coach? Do you have access to one of those line-painting machines? I'd love a go on one of those.

Anonymous said...

You're changing subject all the time... and that's fully understandable, when you lack arguments.

Give me arguments for you reasons in this case, or talk to someone else.

I haven't time to discuss rubbish with a nobody.

Factual arguments!

Anonymous said...

And... a new comment from you, now about Leon Jackson being sacked by Sony BMG, where you drag George into it...

It seems to be an obsession of yours to slander this very talented guy, that's obvious, despite that you remarkably think that you don't have anything against this 15 year "old" talent...

You know, having the opportunity to see real talents is both a gift and a blessing, and I've see some in my days. George is one of them. He's a typical teenager in many aspects, but in many aspects he's very unique. So what is your motive to give him lousy comments?
Have you got personal experiences in this matter, or it is only pure envy?!

It smells long way that you've got personal feelings against this super talent, that's very obvious.

Anonymous said...

So can you get me a turn on the line-painting machine or not?

Anonymous said...


Was it always a dream of yours to be a star? Do you think you could've been something great (read famous), but people didn't encourage you enough? No matter what age you are, there are still a bunch of things you could try... There is a dude in America, for example, who never touched a guitar until he was in his 60s. Now, he is signed to a blues label and tours the continent. Its just that you seem to be taking this whole thing pretty personally. Dude... we are talking about some kid from some stupid TV show. And Simon writes in that tone about everything. If you think his ways are too rough, well... you should probably steer clear of the internet, in general.

Anonymous said...

- This whole site is a complete mess !!!

Now someone is trying to give the impression of writing in our name.

THAT... is the ultimate evidence of what this site is all about - fake, forgery, and fraud !!!

Well , what could you expect with the arguments that's been given so far...

So, beware people !!!
This site is just a fake.
It's all about slander and mean rumours !!!

(the real messenger, not the fake one)

Anonymous said...

So can you get me a turn on a line-painting machine?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Sweden, I think you're having a few problems following the debate here from a layout point of view.

Just to clarify:

- I am not James, and James is not me. We are two different people. You seem be conflating James' responses with my posts. There are worse people to be confused with - I was once told I looked like Guy Chadwick the day before the NME ran a "Guy Chadwick/ET" lookalike in Thrills! - but just so you're clear: two people.

- The post which you seem to think is fraudulently pretending to be you (although, frankly, slash Sweden is a directory on a Travelocity server, not an actual identity) isn't pretending to be you. The post starts "Sweden," because it is addressing you.

To confuse a salutation with an attempt at "forgery" and to build thereupon a histrionic diatribe is a bit unfortunate.

Oh, and this site isn't all slander and mean rumours. Sometimes I link through to Pansy Division mp3s.

Anonymous said...

Well, ok, for once you're right, simon h b.

I got the suggestion that this Anonymous thing tried to write in my name. He didn't, I guess. He didn't write in his own name either. He just wrote garbage, plain understandable garbage, addressed to nobody. Because that was just a piece of crap, not understandable crap.

And simon h b, try to avoid being so focused of killing a young talented personality. Aren't there more important, more positive things in life for you to do ?!

If you dislike this youngster so much, why not just leave him alone, okey ?!

Everything else seems to be an obsession... he's just striving to grow, mature and get it... and he's a huge talent. Is that ANY reason to stop him doing that... ?!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

But /Sweden... unless you're actually called /Sweden, then you're not posting under your name, either. Which is fine, but mote and beam and all that.

Anonymous said...

Well, okey, at least I get a hint of who I am... and perhaps I misunderstood this Anonymous persons meaning... I thought he/she wrote in my "name"... my fault, yeah.

But the main fault about all this is to put so much energy on critisising a very young and real talent, I don't understand the motive. Perhaps you can help me out here, simon h b - why do you give him all that bad crap. He's still a young kid, and he's got things to learn (were you perfect at 15?). But the main thing is that he is a very sincere and nice person, but with a huge driving force inside, I can tell you!

So, leave him alone if you have anything against him. He will not make any of us disappointed in the future, I guarantee that!

So stop those smirky remarks about a new brill supertalent, will you.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

But slash Sweden... it's a blog post I wrote in about five minutes specifically about his decision to moan about how Simon Cowell is ignoring him.

For the record, I don't really think he's especially talented - he's an alright dancer, but then so was Robert Webb on that Comic Relief thingy. Sampson's single, I think you and I both know, wasn't very much cop at all and did look a little like an attempt to find something for him to do other than dancing a bit.

Seriously, I've got nothing personal against him and, no, I wasn't perfect at 15. But then, also, when I was 15 I wasn't busily giving interviews to Sunday newspapers about how rubbish my manager was. Perhaps George would have been better off honing his talent and launching a career when he was a little more mature.

The real problem seems to be that you can't accept that people like different things to you - that, and not being able to differentiate between two different people on the internet.

I hope George does well. But winning a game show on which one of the judges is Piers Morgan isn't really some yardstick of cultural achievement.

If you're right, in ten years when he's made his name through some brilliant dancing, you'll have your victory.

Anonymous said...

I might just give up on the line-painting machine.

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