Thursday, March 05, 2009

She wasn't Toni Braxton enough for me

What could be worse than turning up to see Toni Braxton, and discovering that the person on stage wasn't Toni Braxton at all? Besides turning up, it not being her, and then a riot ensuing.

Somehow, people in Suriname were able to remember what the real Toni Braxton looks like, and, realising that the woman on stage was Trina Johnson, a Braxton impersonator, set about trashing the joint and looting.

It's the worst tribute-act related violence since Nowaysis fans kicked stuff after realising the Knebworth gigs were actually being played by the real Gallaghers.

Toni Braxton's people have issued a statement, glad of a reason to be in the news:

"Toni Braxton is aware of what happened and is obviously displeased with what happened. She regrets that both she and her fans have been victimized by this hoax. Ms. Braxton's attorneys are exploring the legal ramifications."

It's not entirely clear why Ms Braxton's attorneys would think there would be any legal ramifications of 'tribute act in Suriname goes awry' which should detain them; it's even less clear if the Braxton camp could show any working to justify how Toni has been "victimized" by the event - unless, perhaps, she was also playing a gig in neighbourhood and lost ticket sales?

[Thanks to Michael M]


Anonymous said...

Currently, The two Americans are the only ones being held and have been sitting in a Suriname jail for nine days with no end in sight. There seems to be little effort to locate Suriname promoter Angel Ventura who disappeared without paying any of his concert production vendors.

In a strange series of events, they've had two court hearings. During the first hearing, the judge gave the prosecutor a few more days to build his case. At the second court hearing, the judge gave prosecutors more time to gather information while refusing to accept pertinent information from the defense attorney.

All of this according to Finn who was able to make one phone call to a friend in the Bay Area.
He says all of the allegations are not true and that his wife is innocent. And that the High Profile nature of the case has created an extremely bias procees with little objectivity.
They simply refuse to review the evidence that proves our innocence.
The US company that hired Johnson, RNRH Entertainment in Nevada says that they produced the contract at proves that Johnson was not involved in misconduct yet they (Suriname Authorities) question the legitimacy of the impersonator's contract and the existence of RNRH Entertainment. (Proof of the current Nevada Business License was provided)

Raymond Finn says he was arrested for no reason. He says his only crime was to rush to his wife's aid while she was on stage.
There exist no evidence that Raymond Finn was involved in deception facilitated by the Suriname promoter Angel Ventura.

If the two are convicted of these crimes, reports out of Suriname say they could spend three years in prison.

Anonymous said...

This a very serious matter and many believe that Braxton and her fans are the ones who are wronged in this incident. However I am related to the real victim Trina Johnson. Trina has been performing for many years and has been a back up singer for several well known entertainers. In recent years she relocated to the Las Vegas area, where she has in fact done many impersonator shows for “entertainment” only! The fact is the promoter and his assistant are in the wrong. They have since fled the country and left Trina Johnson and her husband behind to be attacked, threatned and JAILED! Trina Johnson is “still” in JAIL, awaiting a trial that is unwarranted and unjust because the police is unable to locate the promoter and his assistant. So if Toni Braxton wants to consult with her attorney’s, it should NOT be about how she can gain more money through a lawsuit, but about the “LIFE” of the young lady who is the “TRUE” victim in this Trina Johnson.

Elisa Furr said...

I am a Tribute Artist/Impersonator and that is what thousands of us in the world do. We are not setting out to 'scam" people. We get hired to perform concerts as an "X" impersonator and they will sometimes bill you as so and so as "Celine Dion" or A night with Celine Dion. Never have I done a show where the people thought they were really getting Celine Dion so it is definately the promotors fault! What is horrible is this innocent couple is sitting in another country in Jail and can not get out!!! We need to help them get out.

Uncle Sarr said...

I'm another entertainer friend of Trina and her husband Raymond. They were obviously duped by Angel Ventura.
Hopefully RNRH Entertainment is doing EVERYTHING in their power to do the right thing and end this pointless incarceration. They may not have been in cahoots with Angel Ventura, but they are responsible for engaging Trina's services in this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

was origionally contacted for this gig in South America and turned it down as it seemed “ODD and not up to the regular standards many past gigs have been” to me. I don’t wish this kind of scam on anyone and am thankful I did not go, BUT I truly and firmly believe that you as an entertainer MUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, GET BACKGROUND CHECKS-GET NAMES-PHONE #S WHATEVER INFO you can to better insure your own safety regardless of WHO the CLIENT is OR the AGENT to whom books you is..ITs better to have every little thing U NEED in writing SO THAT IF anything goes terribly wrong you have YOUR END COVERED.. I NEVER MIS REPRESENT THAT I AM A LOOKALIKE TALENT… AND NO AMOUNT OF $$$$( and beleive me I can use money at this ppoint in my life but am not into lying NOR deceiving anyone) WOULD EVER MAKE ME DO SO..BUT you have to be careful of those out there who may want to pass you off as the real deal.whether it be the client or a bad seed agent…It sounds to me that I def made the right decision in NOT going due to my gut feeling but I hope they are able to resolve this and the truth comes out…ENTERTAINERS BE CAREFUL AND PROTECT YOURSELF!! ITs fun to entertain but we are just that entertainers NOT the real deal although some may think its fun to pretend to be the real deal it can only lead to further distruction….

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