Saturday, March 28, 2009

Take That and Robbie: So long as its for the right reasons

The Daily Telegraph suggests there are compelling reasons for Take That to make themselves rubbish by bringing Robbie Williams back on board: tonnes and tonnes of cash:

Each member of the pop group Take That would be richer if singer Robbie Williams rejoins the band, according to music industry experts.

What music industry experts could be so cold as to reduce the plans to screw the quiet That dynamic by folding in Megaphone Lookatme trousers? Is anyone so deeply obsessed with money they can't see that 'ah, but you'll make a few more kid' wouldn't outweigh turning a well-liked and fairly humble group into a singing Tescos? What stripe of 'expert' could be so heartless?
PRS for Music, the industry's royalty collection organisation, has indicated that the move could be lucrative for the entire band."

Ah. PRS. That makes sense, then.

Incidentally, given that in their struggle with Google te PRS makes much of how they're non-profit and only take ten per cent of cash from their members in order to act in their interests, could someone explain how issuing asinine press releases about this sort of thing is supposed to be of any practical use to their members? Because from where I'm sitting, it looks a lot like spending songwriter's royalties on bolstering the corporate image of the PRS.