Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gary says no to Robbie... at least in public

Despite the cheerleading for a full-five reunion of Take That from Gordon Smart, it seems that in the cussed fact-based real world it's no nearer happening. Or at least, as the Sunday Mirror puts it:

Asked if they had any Robbie reunion plans, he said: “The answer is no. That’s it. Nothing’s changed on that front.

“We are a happy band at the moment.”

Gary sets the record straight on tonight’s Chris Moyles Quiz Night on Channel 4.

Of course, if they were going to make a major announcement, it's unlikely that Barlow would tell Chris Moyles on a gameshow nobody is watching before he told anyone else, is it? "Actually, we'd booked the O2 for a big press conference, and Robbie was going to come on with a realistic Jason Orange mask and rip it off and say 'surprise' and there would have been some fireworks before we made seat available at all prices, but screw that - yeah, we're doing some dates..."