Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gordon in the morning: An extended advert for a rival

Having spent the last week trying to interest people in SunExtremistTalk, Gordon now shares the love by spending time promoting Rio Ferdinand's egomagaizne #5 by letting Rio trot in to the Sun offices and show off a bit:

And who should call the Big Man when he popped into the Bizarre offices but Jacko?

However, it wasn’t former Scotland and Hibs midfielder DARREN, as I first hoped, nor X Factor flop LEON JACKSON looking for a job making tea.

It was none other than oddball legend MICHAEL JACKSON, inviting Rio backstage at one of his O2 shows later this year to film an interview for the mag.

What a wonderful coincidence that Jackson just happened to phone while Rio was at The Sun, eh?
No wonder the awkward photo looks more awkward than usual, though. Smart seems a little overwhelmed:
Now that’s a decent number to have on the old speed dial.

You're the showbusyness editor of the UK's best selling newspaper. You shouldn't be jealous of a footballer's contact book.

Still, if Rio's Rio magazine has better contacts, it's not like he's going to unseat you with writing and insight, is it, Gordon?

Here's Rio's thoughts on Oasis:
I THINK Oasis are brilliant. They are the first band I got into of that type of music.

Frank Lampard got me into them.

The first album, Definitely Maybe, is a classic. I’d love to get the Gallagher brothers in for an interview but they’d never go for it because I am United.

Uh-oh. Nothing of very much value to add to the debate, a desire to put himself at the centre of the story, and some extra names dropped to remind you just how well-connected he is? Maybe he could challenge for your job, Gordon. If he ever learns how to make a weak pun, you should start packing.


Simon said...

"So I'm just about to interview Rio Ferdinand when he breaks off to take a call from Michael Jackson."

Maybe Michael pressed redial accidentally.

Anonymous said...

"Now that’s a decent number to have on the old speed dial."

The number of somebody who you've just described as an "oddball"? I'm not quite sure why you'd want somebody you consider an oddball on your speed dial. In fact, that's the sort of number you delete. Quickly.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Meanwhile, in America, Michael Jackson is starting to suspect the Craigslist advert for the plastic surgeon who gives a free circus animal with every procedure might be a hoax...

The really worrying this is that Gordon confuses someone ringing in with someone being on your speeddial...

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