Sunday, April 19, 2009

Woot-ton: Pay no attention to Gordon Smart's scoop

One of the most enjoyable things about the weekend is watching the Sun and the News of the World trying to rubbish each other's big stories.

Today, prepubescent gossip skipper Dan Wootton rushes to the defence of Chris Moyles. Perhaps wisely Wootton doesn't mention where the rumours of the axing came from, but gives room to the Radio One team to issue firm denials:

ALED HAYDN JONES, who produces the radio show, said: "Don't worry. There are no plans to move us."

Drivetime presenter SCOTT MILLS, tipped to replace Chris, added: "Chris is NOT going anywhere any time soon."

And the man himself also laughed it off by declaring on his Twitter page yesterday: "The reports of my (radio) death are greatly exaggerated."

None of those three, you might have spotted, actually having scheduling roles at Radio One.

Wootton even goes further to try and swat away some of the other allegations Moyles has faced in recent months:
And my pic, above right, shows gay Torchwood star JOHN BARROWMAN is a big fan too after he gave Chris a kiss when he appeared on Chris Moyles' Quiz Night on Channel 4 at 10pm tonight.

See? John Barrowman is a GAY and he's kissing Chris Moyles so, clearly, he's a BIG FAN who doesn't believe that Chris Moyles HATES THE GAYS.

Oh, unless Barrowman does think that Moyles has a problem and was kissing him to make a point.