Friday, May 01, 2009

McDonalds Chicken Nuggets: Now include portion of Sweat

Did you know the American McDonalds has got a special site for black people who enjoy eating ground up cow-face as much as white people? It's called 365Black - deliberately excluding those black people who take weekends and publoc holidays off - and it pledges itself to be "deeply rooted in the community" (although quite what that means it doesn't make clear).

Currently 365Black includes exciting news about celebrations for the silver jubilee of Chicken Nuggets - a product which contains no beaks or feathers, at least nowadays. And how better to celebrate a quarter century of chopping up dead creatures and shoving their remains into a small cardboard box than by getting Keith Sweat to sing a song about them?

“Everyone knows I’m keen on love songs, so it was a perfect fit for me to write a love song for the 25th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets.

Yes. Because quite liking songs about kissing ladies are similar to doing advertising jingles.
I was honored to have the opportunity to share some of my creative talent with McDonald’s. It was great working with them on this project – I’ve grown up with McDonald’s and was happy to be a part of it.

Only some of his talent. It's not like it's the Big Mac.
Since writing the song, I started the ‘McNuggets Lovers Club’ on my radio show website. Fans who signed up for the club got McNuggets stuff and my new CD.

It's a very, very long way from a Grammy nomination to parceling up your records with baseball caps promoting chicken products, isn't it, Keith?
There’s been a lot of traffic to the website and I’m proud of that. I hope that young people today see my success and use it as something to strive for. I love being able to inspire with my career, my music. Writing this song for McDonald’s was another opportunity for me to do that.”

Yes, the young people today - if you work hard like Keith Sweat, put in the hours, focus, practice, focus, practice, you too can find yourself selling chicken McNuggets for a living. On the other hand, you could just spend your time dicking about, having fun, and you'll still end up selling chicken nuggest for a living. But - and here's the thing - nobody will laugh at you for it.