Thursday, May 07, 2009

Michael Jackson lands another court case

Raymone Bain was, you'll recall, the woman who spent the best years of her life denying stuff about Michael Jackson; helping manage the press during his trial of child abuse, insisting that he wasn't at death's door. That sort of thing.

She did a lot of work to shore up his public image.

Now, though, she's undoing a lot of that work, by becoming the latest in the long line of Jackson associates to wind up taking him to court:

In a video statement released on the internet, Bain alleged that her erstwhile employer "elected not to honour the financial obligations of our contractual relationships", despite her "numerous attempts" to amicably resolve the matter.

She added that she was "sincerely disappointed in Mr. Jackson's failure to honor his obligations".

Frankly, you might have thought if you were spending your time dealing with press questions about Jacko and unpaid bills, you might have wanted to get your wages upfront.