Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pete Waterman: How did he reach 154 million?

Pete Waterman has, so far, been the biggest moaner taking the PRS line on YouTube royalties. You'll recall his complaint:

"If 154 million plays means £11, I get more from Radio Stoke playing Never Gonna Give You Up than I do from YouTube."

Now, we've already pointed out that he was including views from all over the world - not just the UK - and that he only qualifies for a writer's payment, and that has to be split three ways.

And we've always had our doubts about 154 million plays in the first place.

Handily, the good people at Visible Measures have launched their list of the most-watched videos of all time. These figures are interesting because Visible Measures use True Reach, which counts spoofs, forwards and derivative works as well. They reckon 18 videos have broken the 100 million mark.

Rick Astley doesn't appear on the list.

Now, they're counting in one way, and there's room for margins of error and so on. But there's a massive gulf between "154 million" and "less than 100 million", don't you think?