Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spotify's music now follows you wherever your roaming fees will allow

Spotify has just done this:

They stress that it's a work in progress, but also hint at other mobile apps in development (i.e. for phones which, unlike the Android, people actually own.)

It's something that's been threatened for quite a while, and clearly there's still quite a way to go before almost-free music on-demand from the cloud. But paying a premium for Comes With Music suddenly looks a lot less attractive, doesn't it?

[Thanks to Michael M for the link]


Olive said...

other mobile apps in development (i.e. for phones which, unlike the Android, people actually own.)At the risk of being King Picky of the Picky people, 'Android' is the operating system, not the phone.

Arguments regularly rage at work, between iPhone owners and G1 owners over whose phone is less evil. As you can imagine, wet Wednesday afternoons just fly by.

Mikey said...

For about 10,000 years before the invention of the wax cylinder musicians were living on the contents of the tip jar.

Once Spotify's on a critical mass of mobiles Sir Elton John and his mates will be back to passing a hat around in the pub.

Except it's not a pub, it's the internet. And it's not a hat either. It's a PayPal account.

Francis said...

anyone else notice how the spotify client has dumped over a gig of small files in it's "working directory" on my c:\ drive - and that's with me maybe listening to a couple of hours worth of music. God knows what it does to heavy users? How big is the memory in your iphone again?

Anonymous said...

@Francis: There's an option to change the amount of drive space it uses for cache in the preferences. It's an interesting point though, how much of a phone can be used? Presumably there's really no need for anything like the cache it sets as default.

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