Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Simply unacceptable

Gordon has one of his odd outbreaks of outrage this morning, angered by a PR company trying to cash in on Danielle Lloyd being attacked in a nightclub:

In a Press release issued yesterday the firm tried to cash in on Danielle and her boyfriend, Spurs star JAMIE O’HARA, leaving the Wellington Hospital in North London.

Their note said: “Poor Danielle Lloyd. After being battered in a nightclub, Danielle can now rest up in the comfort of her Franklin Marshall hoodie.

“Franklin & Marshall is the ultimate in understated American college-inspired casual wear — the perfect recipe for Danielle’s recovery. Why not double up and get an identical tracksuit for your boyfriend a la Danielle and top Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara? Get well soon Danielle.”


I rang the firm yesterday and put it to them that this was in the worst possible taste.

Well, yes, it is pretty tacky. Although it would take a pretty nifty ethicist to explain why it is wrong to sell clothes off the back of someone being beaten up, while selling tabloid newspapers and advertising around webpages based on the same horrible event would be legitimate.

What's even odder is that Smart is so outraged, he not only runs the press release in full, but splashes large photos of the couple wearing the Franklin & Marshall gear over the front of the Bizarre website and across his pages in The Sun. Acres and acres of free advertising - that'll show 'em, Gordon.