Sunday, May 03, 2009

Telegraph runs bemusing story about mp3 players

I know it's a bank holiday weekend and many people would rather be sat on a canal toepath eating a scotch egg and fishing, but even that doesn't really explain this oddity in the Telegraph:

Budget MP3 beats iPod in consumer poll
A budget MP3 player which costs less than half the price of an Apple iPod has topped a web poll of consumers.

That's quite an interesting claim. So, give us some details, Ian Johnston:
The little-known Sansa Clip – which was developed as a sideline by SanDisk, which normally makes memory chips – scored 9.1 out of 10 for value for money, according to thousands of people who voted in electrical goods review site Reevoo's Customer Choice Awards.

So it hasn't actually beaten the iPod, it's just got a higher score amongst the people who have voted on the various products - so it might have impressed more of its users, but since they're talking about their impressions of the specific player, and not comparing them directly, it hasn't really beaten anything, has it?

And if you nip over to Reevoo, look up mp3 players and sort by customer ratings, the Sansa clip doesn't appear until you're half way down the second page - not only is it behind the iPod, but it lags behind similarly sized Sony and Samsung devices as well.

Oh, and the "thousands" who have voted according to the Telegraph? The current most-reviewed Sandisk Clip has been rated by, erm, just over thirty reviews.


Jim W said...

More intriguingly it was run as a regular item on the '6Music Music News' slot today. The item gave the impression that someone had decreed "the Nano is now shit, move along to the future" - pure marketing crap.

Who managed to get that press release into the papers, then?

Olive said...

I think the problem here is that the only mp3 player that most telegraph readers either believe that Apple invented the mp3 player or have only ever heard of iPod. The idea that any other player exists, or is better is therefore news.
And to be honest, the clip is objectively a better player than the equivalent shuffle.

Olive said...

...goes back ...reads telegraph article ...smells rat

They're not really comparing like for like, though, are they? I mean, the Nano supports video playback, and the Clip doesn't. And the £35 clip only has 2GB of memory.
Oh, and you can't buy a 8GB clip in this country yet. Well done Telegraph. Another journalistic triumph.

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