Sunday, May 10, 2009

This is just made up, isn't it, News Of The World?

Today's News Of The World reports that Susan Boyle isn't going to have dinner with Barack Obama.

In order to justify this being in the paper, it then has to pretend that she's been invited, and has said no. That the writer, Douglas Wight, and the rest of the team can't seem to decide if this is a snub, or she'd rather just stay at home, or she's too nervous, makes it seem even more cod.

Still, it gives the crazies a chance to come out in the comment box:

Obviously a talented and SMART woman who knows a huge pile of BS when she sees it unlike the morons in this country who voted for Communism and Socialism implemented by a Community Organizer!

By James . Posted May 10 2009 at 10:19 AM.

Bravo Susan!! Good to see there is still someone out there with a mind of their own and willing to control her own life instead of jumping on the band wagon of "Obamamainia". It still remains to be seen what kind of President he will be. So far, a lot of people in the US are trying to come to terms with adjusting to the "changes" in their lives, most of which are very financially painful. The new moto seems to be "trust your government to run your country into the biggest financial hole in history". Bravo Mr. President- my $250.00 stimulus check bought one weeks groceries and filled my tank up with gas. Wonder what I will do next week??

By sally. Posted May 10 2009 at 10:12 AM.

Ah, all this applause from the Unabomber massive is delightful, given that it just demonstrates their weak ability to understand words, so their failure to quite grasp that Obama didn't exactly take over a working economy is perhaps understandable. Both "sally" and "james" seem to have completely overlooked the final paragraph of the NOTW piece:
"She knows she would have been incredibly nervous if she'd gone," said the source. "But her dream is to sing for President Obama one day.

"She loves him and thinks he is already a terrific president."

Yeah, well done Susan for not jumping on that Obama bandwagon that you, erm, are apparently already on.


Anonymous said...

People are still going on about Susan ruddy Boyle?!? Bloody hell. I can't believe that the BoyleFad outlived the SwineFluFad. You would have thought that the hysteria of "Not Pretty Lady Can Sing" would be slightly outdone by "HOLYCRAPSTHEARMAGEDDONDISEASE" but hey, what do I know?

Of course, James and Sally here would never jump on the "I'm not actually sure what socialism is so I'll guess that what Fox News is telling me is true" bandwagon. Also, $250 for one weeks groceries? Obviously Sally's never come across Tesco Value or.. ehm... rice. Thank goodness she doesn't have to worry about the fact that the vast majority of the population of the world couldn't dream of that much money for a week's food and instead she can spend her poverty stricken time on the internet (presumably not free) talking about karaoke contestants from the other side of a large ocean.

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