Thursday, June 25, 2009

Robbie Williams is not to blame for this extraordinary coincidence

The key detail in the coverage of the story of the photographers who had their entire kit pinched just hours after photographing Robbie Williams is the way the press describe exactly what the photograph was of.

The Times:

The photographs showed Mr Williams smoking a large hand-rolled cigarette.

The Telegraph:
[T]hey captured images of Williams smoking a large roll-up cigarette.

The BBC declines to comment on the photos themselves.

The Sun:
The cops want to see if Robbie, 35, can help them discover if there is any link between the raid and photos taken of the star smoking a large roll-up cigarette in the Bahamas.

But, of course, The Sun fears its readers might be missing the point, so offers another gentle nudge:
He left [rehab] the following month and since then has been "clean".

Good lord. It's not like the photos showed him with a crack pipe, is it?