Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ant And Dec blame other people for Susan Boyle

Ant And Dec have popped up at the Edinburgh TV Festival to defend the way Britain's Got Talent gave Susan Boyle a breakdown:

"What would you then do, start censoring people because they won't be able to handle the fame and attention as well as you think they should?" McPartlin told the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival today.

"You can't stop people coming on the show … just because they don't handle it in the way we expect them to. It doesn't mean it's wrong.

"Susan Boyle performed three times on the show. The show didn't camp paparazzi outside her house, the show didn't put it in the newspapers. I personally believe that every care was taken with Susan Boyle and they looked after her very well indeed."

So, somehow, there's no reason for Simon Cowell and his chums to feel in any way responsible for putting the woman into a position where she had the paparazzi outside her house and was in every newspaper?

Do Ant (left) and Dec (right) really think that we're so ignorant that we'll believe that, left to them, and Cowell, and ITV, there'd be nothing in the papers about BGT; that when the TV programme gets in the news they feel that it's a violation of their performers rather than massive acres of free publicity for their show? That the network and the production doesn't rely on it being in all the papers? That there's a team of PR people whose job is to get the show into all the papers?

That's probably the greatest insult to our nation's collective intelligence since, ooh, ITV tried to tell us we shouldn't blame Ant And Dec for the fleecing of phonevoters as their "producer" credits didn't really mean they'd know what was going on.


Anonymous said...

Susan Boyle should have had a psychiatrist monitoring her the whole time back home, any idiot would realize it was an extraordinary situation, she should have had a psychiatrist attached to her hip in London at the first sign that she was having trouble, and she should have been allowed to go home when she had her bags packed instead of being talked into going to the final.
It was obvious she was hanging on be a thread.
Instead, they got more and more publicity as things started to fall apart and they knew people were turning on her because she was cracking.
They didn't want her to win (it was actually good for the show, the heck with Susan) and they got what they wanted.
How many contestants are now being called "the next Susan Boyle?"
I hope that no one will ever go through that again.

Anonymous said...

i am sure if Susan leaves the final it would be a big psycological trauma for her. She would never forgive herself that she killed her dream to become a proffessional singer.

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