Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lady Gaga: She will eat your children or something

You'd really hope it was a joke, but Vigilant Citizen - and the suggestion that Lady GaGa is an "Illuminati Puppet" seems to be in earnest.

Apparently, she's the victim of mind control and ohmygodshecoversuponeeyeallthetime:

You only need to look at a couple of Lady Gaga pictures or videos to notice that she is constantly hiding one of her eyes. Most people will simply interpret this as ”a cool thing to do” or a “fashion statement”. Those who have passed the 101 of Illuminati symbolism know that the All-Seeing Eye is probably its most recognizable symbol. The gesture of hiding one eye, usually the left one, goes way back in occult orders.

The very really possibility that it's a lazy trademark gesture that she hopes nobody will notice has been ripped off iD apparently need not detain us.

Still, at least there's some good news:
While masses of young people imitate Gaga’s brain-dead persona, the subversive symbolism surrounding her art still reaches the fan’s subconscious. She is not the Antichrist though (last I’ve heard), she is simply one of the many pop stars sending out similar messages to the public.

Phew! She's not the Antichrist. That's reassuring to know.

[Ta to cassettes won't listen]


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