Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At last, The Stereophonics quality control process is revealed

They don't just hammer some tunes together, have a photo taken and fling the thing out, you know. Oh, no. The Stereophonics test their products:

Stereophonics' Kelly Jones has revealed that he's given Wayne Rooney a copy of the band's forthcoming 7th album.

"I popped by and gave him an album promo and within about 15 minutes of me driving away he was texting me his favourite songs - he was into it," said the lead singer.

A passing vivisectionist writes: I might spend my days squirting shampoo into rabbits eyes - for fun, I should add, as my job involves making Beagles test stairlifts - but even I find the idea of forcing a poor creature like Wayne Rooney to listen to a Stereophonics record turns my stomach. I would do something to campaign against it, but I've got an important dropping a house brick test to do, and the octopuses have just arrived.