Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gordon in the morning: Did he mention the new Robbie Wi... oh, he did

Not that Gordon Smart is dragging out his 'return of Williams' stuff - and there's over a month to go - but he returns to Williams today, with material gleaned from interviews.

Not, naturally, interviews that Gordon's done:

On a punishing round of radio interviews yesterday Rob confessed that "a new Robbie had emerged" who no longer had any "pent-up sexual energy".

Still, at least Gordon put in the hours:
For the first time yesterday Rob's charm on the radio didn't make me sick in my own mouth, which goes to show he's a new man.

Or at least that Gordon would really really really really really really really like an interview with Robbie go on go on go on, please.

Elsewhere, Jet reveal their skills of second sight. Unfortunately, it turns out to be hindsight:
Nic said: "I'm not surprised they split at all. If anything I'm shocked they managed to make it work for so long. I'd say it's definitely the end. They didn't get on."

Yes, based on what they saw when they supported Oasis in 2005, Jet say they saw the split coming.

Perhaps unfortunately for Jet, a four-year-old observation of what everyone knew is deemed by Gordon to be the most interesting thing that came out of their visit to Bizarre to record some songs for The Sun.