Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gordon in the morning: George Sampson shows his working

It's not the first time that George Sampson has complained about his manager in the press, but today's story in Bizarre is a little more interesting, as Sampson shows his working:

The wee fella admitted: "Things aren't going so well with me and Simon. I suppose he's realised he can make more money out of other people. But I thought we were tight. I had one of the best-selling DVDs at the start of the year. We sold loads of copies.

"But I've just found out that Simon's company takes ninety per cent of the revenue. I get ten per cent. But I have to pay the production costs out of that. So I ended up owing them money.

"I'm not quite sure how it all works but that can't be fair, can it?"

Quite brave of Gordon to run a story suggesting that Cowell is ripping off the "lucky" winners of his freaktalent shows with unfair contracts while The X Factor is on. After all, Gordon, you need to stay on Syco's good side as much as Sampson does - clearly you do, otherwise you wouldn't be running those gnatweak JLS stories all the time.

Perhaps that's why, rather than doing what a journalist might do, and asking Syco for their response to Sampson's claims, Gordon starts to suggest that, you know, maybe it's all George's fault:
It sounds like a harsh lesson in showbiz economics to me. I wonder if George read the small print on the contract.

"... and, hey, a lesson like that? Cowell should actually charge him fifteen grand extra for the business studies tuition."

Then, Gordon starts to sound a little like a hired goon:
But one word of advice pal - don't make an enemy of Simon.

You need him more than he needs you.

The subs removed the line "Be a pity if you couldn't dance because of broken legs, nowharrimean, son?"

Still, it's not all looking black for Sampson:
Hopefully George can turn it around with his new movie about his life.

Yes. I'm sure they'll be queuing around the block for that one.

And, I know you'll have been unable to sleep waiting for the result of Gordon's some sort of poll about Oasis. He's counted the results:
An incredible 88 per cent of you voted in favour of NOEL, which bodes well for his future solo career.

Well, let's face it, the sales of Tailgunner had already told us that, hadn't it?

Gordon's right, though, the figures are incredible. Incredible that anyone voted at all.