Friday, October 16, 2009

Switching channels: TMF is dead, viva Viva

MTV is dumping its Freeview-centric channel TMF (or The Music Factory as nobody ever called it) and rebranding it as Viva:

The channel, aimed at 16-34 year olds, comprises of a mix of content from the US, including The Hills and Two and a Half Men, as well as established music programming.

Heather Jones, executive VP of content, creative, music and comedy at MTV Networks, says: “Viva is not simply a new-look TMF but instead a completely new channel. TMF has, for a long time been about more than simply music so it deserves an identity that reflects its output.”

Not just dodgy rap videos, but hoary old reruns of painfully unfunny sitcoms and faux-reality too.

Still, brave of MTV to choose Viva as its new name - the title doesn't actually have an auspicious history in the UK. Those of you with longer memories might recall short-lived London radio station aimed at women of the same name. Still, they didn't have Two And A Half Men to fall back on.