Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Gordon in the morning: An end to welfare

Blimey. Gordon Smart might not reflect his employer's stance on binge drinking, but he's clearly a supporter of the Sun's distaste for welfare payments. Robbie Williams has been helping out his girlfriend's mum, which would seem like a nice thing to do.

Gordon isn't so sure:

Robbie's made it clear how much he loves Ayda, but it seems a bit much to extend his generosity to her mum.

At least put her on the payroll and get her working.

Yes - if the woman's got her two legs, send her out digging holes. Anything else smacks of socialism.

It sounds like we're going to have sit through another long lost Beatles song:
A FORGOTTEN Beatles song begun by George Harrison has finally been completed - 40 years on.

Harrison, who died in 2001, scribbled the first ten lines of a number called Silence (Is Its Own Reply) on a piece of scrap paper in the 1960s.

On the back of the paper were instructions on how to reach Beatles manager Brian Epstein's country house in Sussex.

It's not clear how much of the original song was there, although the chorus - "down the A23/ turn left onto the Haywards Heath road/ it's the third entrance on the left" - suggests not very much.

This has, at least, been completed away from the heart of The Beatles industry:
The lyrics remained ignored until BBC Radio Merseyside host Spencer Leigh asked contemporary songwriter Dean Johnson to finish them.

There is, though, a lingering problem. Generally, if a scrap of lyrics has been discarded, it's because they're not very good. Could that be the case here?
"I'm happy to say it's only a dream, When I come across people like you, It's only a dream and you make it obscene."

Makes you think, doesn't it? Mostly, it makes you think "woah, I wish George Harrison had invested in a shredder."