Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Spotify get an eye-catching first of dubious value

It's big for Spotify, of course:

It’s our pleasure to announce that this Friday 6th November, we’ll be unveiling Robbie Williams’ comeback album “Reality Killed The Video Star”, exclusively to all of our users in the UK, in advance of the album’s official launch on EMI's Virgin Records on November 9th.

The full album, which was produced by Trevor Horn and features twelve brand new tracks, including the singles “Bodies” and “You Know Me”, will be made available exclusively to every one of our UK users at midnight, 00:00 GMT, this Friday.

So what will fans make of “Reality Killed The Video Star”? Before next Monday’s official launch, there’s only one way to find out.

Interesting that it's Spotify getting the big reveal; equally interesting that it's all users and not just premium members who are being invited to hurt their ears. That, you can extrapolate, means that access to all Spotify users is more valuable for EMI than the fear of people using, say, AudioHijackPro to push ripped copies of the album onto the torrents.

[Thanks to Michael M]